Candles with candle bases


Slow-burn candles from La Vela Amaltea in San Miguel de Allende in 3 different heights for a gorgeous vignette. Each candle has its own ceramic base made by Naye and Oscar in Atzompa. These beautiful clay plates are the perfect match for your candles and are ready to be used as a base for them. 

Bases size: Large: H: 1.5 W: 5.7 Small: H: 1.1 W: 4.5

Candles size: Large: H: 25.4 W: 27.17  Medium: H: 5.9 W: 3  Small: H: 3.9 W: 4.3

Candles care instructions:

For the first use, keep it burning until the warm wax reaches the edges so your candle will keep burning evenly. Keep your candles in an even surface. Never exceed 2.5 hours of candle burning. Candles are sensitive to temperature and light, so keep them in a fresh and dry place, far from direct sunlight and dust.

Safety instructions: Keep out of reach of children and pets. Keep them far away from fabric and flamabble objects. Never underattend your candles. Don´t move them while burning.

Bases care instructions:

Use a soft moistened cloth to clean the clay.

As every artisanal handcrafted object, color and size may vary