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Caja Marcela is an incredibly beautiful project, curated by Chef Marcela. This project in collaboration with “This Is Latin America” is very dear to her heart. All items are made by hand with the incredibly hard work and effort of artisans from all over Mexico. This box represents the heart, soul, and imagination of each artisan family that has helped along the way. In it, you will find specialized items representing different trades and techniques. Crafts that have been perfected over years, passed down from generation to generation by artisans who proudly share their culture and traditions with you.

It is a new year, a time of new beginnings, and that is exactly what Caja Marcela was made for. More than items, this specially designed and curated box represents renewal, rebirth, rejuvenation, and restoration. This collection of handmade items is everything you need for a cleansing ritual.

With the purchase of Caja Marcela, you will be granted access to the zoom renewal ritual on January 28, 2021, with @chefmarcela. You will be supporting small businesses from multiple communities and fair trade throughout Mexico.

The box includes a multi-use clay bowl, two candle holders, two rustic beeswax candles, a floating flower candle, a wool mat, and 4 copal incenses. For more information on the origin of the products, see the details below.

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Multi-use Clay Bowl

Handmade by Pascuala Balderas of Reyes Menzontla, Puebla: This custom-designed burnished clay bowl represents the bowl of the cleansing ritual.

It can be used as a decorative ornament, as a decorative bowl, as a vase, as a flowerpot, or even to serve your favorite dish.

Size: DIA 9.4 in

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Must be cured and poured with water for 24 hours before use; It can be put in the oven but not in the microwave. Make sure it is completely dry before storing. Once a month, for deep cleaning, apply a paste of equal parts of soap and water. Leave it on for at least 30 minutes, then brush it off and let it dry in the sunlight.

The clay does not contain lead, paint, or varnish, it can be used for food, it is common for the clay to change its tone depending on the liquids you pour on it, it can absorb the smell of different foods, but with gentle washing on the surface, soap can remove any remaining taste or odor.

Wool Mat

Handmade in Ihuatzio, Michoacán; This soft decorative wool rug represents the basis of the cleansing ritual, bringing everything together.

It can be used as the base of a table arrangement for your dinner or coffee table.

Size: W 15, L 22.6 in

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: When cleaning, shake off dirt and hand wash with cold water. Starting at one end of the mat, dip a sponge in the detergent and water solution, wipe it clean, and then dip a clean sponge in freshwater to rinse the area that you have cleaned with detergent. Always let it air dry.


Handmade by the master candlemaker Lila Ruiz of Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca; These soft coral beeswax candles were colored with natural dyes and represent the essence of the brand.

Beautifully crafted, these rustic candles will add a traditional touch to your home.

Size: W 1, L 9.6 in

Size: W 2, L 1.2 in

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: The candles are handmade without molds and made from beeswax, it is not “drip-free”. Be careful when lighting the candles, never leave the candlelight while you are not there. Do not leave it near flammable objects. Before lighting, always remove the remains of the wick, as this favors an even burn. Never burn a candle for more than three hours in a row. When creating decorative candle displays, the candles should be spaced a minimum of 10 cm apart to avoid burn problems.

Copal Incense

Handmade by Relato Nativo of San José del Pacifico, Oaxaca; copal incense is the heart of the cleansing ritual.

Made entirely of Oaxaca wood and pure copal resin, these incense cones have an irresistible aroma that will help you achieve a calm and peaceful mood.

Size: W 0.6, L 1.8 in

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Be careful when turning it on, while using it, put a base under it, and do not use it in small places. Never leave incense burning while you are not there. Do not leave it near flammable objects.

Candle Holders

Handmade by Cecilia of Reyes Menzontla, Puebla; These burnished clay candle holders are a traditional piece for the cleansing ritual.

With a unique design, these candle holders are the best way to bring an artisan tradition to your home.

Size: DIA 5.1 in

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Remove the hardened wax, then put the candle holders in boiling water, let it cool for 15 minutes, then remove the residue by hand; next, refill the votive with warm water and let it sit for five minutes. Finally, dump the water (not in the sink as it can get clogged) and wipe the inside with a paper towel.