El Ponche Mexicano


Depending on application makes 2 to 10 servings

I know how hard it is to find tejocotes and guavas and sugar canes and GOOD piloncillo and all the yumminess for a good Calientito (Ponche) so we dehydrated the best quality fruit in Monterrey, Mexico and put them in a jar. It takes 10 pounds of fresh fruit to give you one pound of dehydrated fruit so you’re getting so much goodness packed in this jar.

(Ingredients: tejocotes (hawthorn fruit) guavas, raisins, piloncillo, cinnamon, peaches, apple, orange, hibiscus, pineapple, sugar cane)

To make concentrate, boil and let stand for 20 minutes with 6 cups liquid such as water, unfiltered apple juice or nectar (peach, pear, guava or any flavor) for a thicker drink.

To make ponche-flavored liquor simply add your favorite spirit and let macerate for 3 days. Spirit can be sipped as is or used to spike your favorite cocktail.