At #CasaMarcela, we find it difficult to get out of bed on these rainy days… I bet we are not alone on this one! But the show must go on, and we’ve found the perfect addition to these winter/rainy days: Mexican Mocha. This drink is so easy to make and a definite crowd pleaser; you won’t be able to get enough of the rich notes of Mexican chocolate and coffee beans! And if, like us, you are a bit concerned with calories this time of the year, you can totally use almond milk instead! Try serving this Mexican Mocha as part of a breakfast in bed along with some Café de la Olla French Toast. Stay tuned for that recipe…

Hasta Pronto! Marla

Mexican Mocha(Serves 4)


  • 2 Mexican chocolate disks
  • 2 cups whole milk
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 2 cups of coffee


In a large saucepan bring chocolate, milk, cinnamon stick and coffee to a boil. Discard cinnamon stick. Whisk ingredients until they become frothy. Remove from heat and serve hot.