#CasaMarcela decided to go on a shopping day trip to Marcela’s favorite stores in her hometown of  Tijuana, Mexico and, let me tell you... it was so much fun! And we found more than just amazing products: we found two women who, just like Marcela, are on a mission to place Tijuana on the world's radar! So far they are doing a pretty darn good job at it!Our first stop was to visit Veronica Hernandez, owner and founder of Object MX. Her showroom is filled with some of the trendiest pieces, with every single one made by a Mexican designer! From housewares to jewelry, this place is full of magic! And of course Marcela couldn’t resist; she had to shop till she dropped!

Vero created her store with one idea in mind: she wanted to promote Mexican emerging designers. She saw all the potential there and knew the value of having a one stop shop with 100% Mexican wares that broke all of the typical stereotypes about Mexico. No, this isn’t a place where you'd find sombreros... it would become more of a place where you go for a gorgeous bolero made from Mexican textiles from Oaxaca, or to grab a beautiful small silver spoon for your spices when setting the table, or even to buy a beautiful and unique sterling silver necklace or simply a great bottle of mezcal. Check out our pictures of this beautiful shopping experience, with some of our favorite finds.

@object.mx Calle Amado Paniagua 200, Tijuana, Baja CaliforniaVero Hernandez owner of @object.mx wearing a bolero by @fabricasocial




Handbag by @beloveprojectsFolded Shawls by @fabricasocial

After that, we made our way down to the famous Ave. Revolución in downtown Tijuana. There, we stopped at the gorgeous Casa Duhagon, owned by the lovely Mariana Postlethwaite. If you have a thing for interior design, my friends, this is your Mecca! I mean, you'll find yourself catching your breath as you walk in and are instantly surrounded by amazing decor! It's one of those stores that you wish you could just transport into your home. Also, Marcela has a thing for cushions and, well, Casa Duhagon is a cushion heaven. Marcela went a bit nuts when she saw a wall filled with all kinds of different cushions in gorgeous colors and different sizes. I mean, really, what better way to give a sofa new life than by adding a beautiful cushion? As a matter a fact, our giveaway that will be posted this Friday  includes a cushion from Casa Duhagon! Don’t forget to check out Marcela’s Instagram @chefmarcela tomorrow for the complete details.

So next time you're close to the border, make sure you make your way down to Tijuana! It is a town full of not only amazing food experiences but incredible shopping ones, too... and I know shopping keeps all of us at #CasaMarcela happy!

Until next time!


@casaduhagon Avenida Revolucion 1143-2, Zona Centro, Tijuana, Baja California

Marcela and owner of Casa Duhagon, Mariana explaining the different art pieces that can be found in her store