4 Palm-covered Glasses

This set is curated by Marcela Valladolid. In this project in collaboration with “This Is Latin America”, you will be supporting fair trade from multiple communities throughout Mexico.

All pieces have been specially handmade, designed, and picked for this specific set; the making of this set includes two different techniques, natural palm, and blown glass. The set contains four pieces.

For more information on the origin of the products, see the details below.

*This set contains FOUR Palm-covered Glasses, all other objects are props, and are part of the Caja Marcela Jamaica.

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Palm-covered Glasses

Handmade in Jalisco, and Guerrero with traditional techniques, and natural resources. These Palm-covered Glasses are an amazing acquisition. The set contains FOUR pieces.

The Blown Glass is created and molded at Tonala, Jalisco; later, its send to Guerrero, where artisans covered the glass with natural palm.

Beautifully crafted, these blown glasses will add a tropical touch to your home.

Size: H 3.5 in, W 4 in

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Wash glass with soap and water; do not use chlorine or bleach on palm; clean palm with a damp cloth and let ventilate.
*Palm color may change with time.