This is a simple way to add a feminine fall touch to your Thanksgiving table! I decided to use different shades of pink, but you are certainly able to use any color you’d like! Look for the whitest possible pumpkins for a fresher look with better color transfer.

1. Wash 6 small white pumpkins and pat dry.

2. Fill a large bowl with warm water (the nail polish will sink to the bottom if the water is cold).

3. Add 8 drops of nail polish to water.

4. Carefully shake the bowl to disperse the drops and create a pattern.

5. Here’s where you focus, grasshopper… the pumpkin gets dunked in stem-side down. Carefully hold the pumpkin from the bottom half and flip it, dunking the pumpkin into the water. Then carefully take the pumpkin out, flip it right side up, and let the polish drip down the sides and to the bottom of the pumpkin. Place the pumpkins on a parchment-lined tray - they will drip polish!

6. Let the pumpkin dry completely… and decorate to your pink Thanksgiving heart’s desire!

Happy Calabaza Day, familia!