There is something so magical about a Mexican market… and here in San Diego we are lucky enough to have one within a 5-minute drive of the border! Mercado Hidalgo is definitely the place to be when you’re shopping for traditional Mexican crafts and, of course, the freshest of foods. And even though our boss lady Chef Marcela is busy with all things involving Anna Carina, she still finds time to do all things related to #DeLaLuz and even more as well! She truly is a real life Wonder Woman in every way! For example, this week Marcela sent us out to Mercado Hidalgo to hunt for piñatas intended for the upcoming Christmas party she’s hosting for the Kiva McAlister Institute.  Kiva is a long-term residential recovery center here in San Diego for women who struggle with addiction. Marcela wanted to do something special for these courageous ladies and their families, so she decided to throw them a party a la Mexicana - or more of what we call a posada - with tacos and piñatas involved! Keep in mind that she is doing all these things while caring for one-week-old Anna Carina. It’s a wonderful reminder to all of us about the importance of giving to others, and that together we can make the world a better place one good deed at a time.

Some people may not know that piñatas are not just for birthday celebrations; they are also a great addition to any Christmas celebration! The more traditional Christmas piñatas are made to look like stars and decorated in all kinds of festive papier-mâché colors – and they are such a fun activity for children and adults alike, bringing everyone together on a shared mission to get the candy out! For today’s blog, we couldn’t resist sharing the complete experience of shopping at Mercado Hidalgo for piñatas, captured beautifully through Isabella’s amazing pictures. That’s because, when it comes to Mercado Hidalgo, you may be going for piñatas, but you’re also going to get the absolute best street food experience! A cup of fresh pomegranate, freshly cooked corn tamales, coconut water directly from the source, queso fresco, fresh tortillas… finished off with the most delicious assortment of dried fruit and nuts. Mmmm!

Oh, and speaking of finish, I need to go finish filling some piñatas! Don’t forget to tag #DeLaLuz in your piñata pictures at your next party so that we can see them all!

Hasta pronto, amigos! Besos!